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Peace be upon you

WeFaaQ is a new and modern vision for marriage. It is not just a site for matrimonial service but we wil be touching all Aspects of marriage life.


It's all started when we were trying to put our hands on our society issues And try to solve even a fraction of them.
As families are the societies basis, we've found that the most important of these reasons is how to create a productive family More precisely the marriage issue.

The issue of marriage:

Been focusing on the problem of marriage because of the very large impact on societies, where:
- Delayed age of marriage leads to the deterioration of the psychological state of both sexes, which greatly affect the efficiency of individuals.
- The high cost of marriage that led to the exhaustion of young people in the processing of expenses of marriage.
- Preoccupation with thought and concentration of young people with all marriage aspects and how to complete it, which does not make a place to think about anything are useful and new to the society.

The reasons for the difficulty of marriage:

- Financial reasons (key factor).
- Psychological reasons.
- The difficulty in finding the right partner.

Different methods of solution:

Had to be a new and different way of thinking to overcome these obstacles, especially with the lack of funding to solve all these problems.
Problems were divided into small pieces connected to each particular sequence in the end leads to solve this Problems, We've called it the chain of life.
Will be revealed it soon, God willing.


Of the most difficult obstacles that we've faced was how to keep the site in good condition and at the level required to perform Its objectives,
And also shows his seriousness and ensure the participants seriousness without any conflict with the site objective,
We decided to set fees Symbolic to take advantage of our services and this fees will make you a members of the our success.


last but not least, we hope that each member finds his life partner, then share our success together.


WeFaaQ Team